The Spiritual Teachings of Yoga: The Yoga Classics Written By Mark Forstater, Joanna Manuel Download in Audio Book Format

The Spiritual Teachings of Yoga: The Yoga Classics

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Category: Religion & Spiritual
Publisher: Mark Forstater
Author: Mark Forstater, Joanna Manuel
Narrator: Fiona Shaw, Tim McInnerney, Klaff Jack
Length: 2 hours and 26 min.
Retail Price: $29.65
Download Price: $20.76
Abridged – Unabridged: abridged

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Yoga is over 5,500 years old, making it the oldest known spiritual discipline. Millions of people around the world now practice it, often to lose weight or tone their bodies. But many are now becoming interested in the philosophy of Yoga.

This audiobook presents the three most important texts of Yoga, read by leading British actors. These insightful and beautiful texts lead us to a deeper understanding of what Yoga can bring us, and together are guides for inner wisdom.

Whether you are a beginner at Yoga, an experienced practitioner, a teacher, or in teacher training, this audiobook will enable you to add new depth and meaning to your current practice, accessing the full potential and power of Yoga to transform your life.

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