The Master Bedroom (Unabridged) By Tessa Hadley Download in Audio Book Format

The Master Bedroom (Unabridged)

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Category: Fiction
Publisher: Oakhill Publishing Ltd
Author: Tessa Hadley
Narrator: Charlotte Strevens
Length: 8 hour 23 min
Retail Price: $64.11
Download Price: $37.52
Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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Kate Flynn, 43, has given up her university career to come home and look after her mother in Firenze, their big house by a lake in Cardiff. When Kate meets her old friend David Roberts, she begins to obsess about him: she knows it’s because she’s bored, but she can’t stop.

David is married, rational, and dependable: the last type to want an affair. David’s marriage isn’t as solid as it looks, though, so he takes refuge in Firenze, where he can talk to Kate about music. But David’s 17-year-old son Jamie is also drawn to the old house full of books and history. More like Kate than his father is, bookish and clever, he wants to find out all about life from her….

Tessa Hadley’s intricate, graceful novel explores the tangled web of connections between parents and children, lovers and friends. The past casts its long shadows in the present; men and women, who were once confident they knew themselves, learn to attend to the changes unfolding inside them.

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