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Downloadable Audio Books Compatible Across Devices

Download audio books to help you make the most of your time. Why CreateTimeAudio?

  • The Create Time Audio book store provides audio books in compatible with the most popular devices today including both Android and Apple Devices like the IPod, IPad and IPhone...
  • We offer a wide variety of audible titles that are easy to download.
  • The free software that comes with our downloadable audiobooks is easy to use and allows you to transfer them to your preferred device.  Devices that support MP3 and WMA formats are included so that does not have to be a limitation. 
  • You never need to be tied down by monthly audiobook club fees or rental fees unless you want to be.  It is your choice to decide between individual purchases or membership if it makes sense for you.
  • Our downloadable audio books are less expensive than the CD versions
  • You can also burn to CD and expand your use to the car if you do not have a car that supports listening through a mobile device.
Downloadable Audio Books Across Devices 

You can purchase audio book titles at very competitive prices. We offer special offers ranging from 75% off retail to 30% every day as well as a way to get an audiobook for under $10. We are licensed to sell content from industry leading publishers. They include the BBC, Brilliance Audio, Harper Collins, Hachette Audio and Simon & Schuster and more being added regularly. Our best sellers are just a taste of the benefits that can be received by listening to a recorded book.

Audio Book Benefits

Spoken word audio can be used for so many purposes. You want to learn a new language for your vacation or job? You need to get the latest business audio books? You want to escape with an fiction audio book by Dean Koontz , James Patterson or Stephen King? Want to entertain and teach your children with talking books? With more than 50,000 downloadable audio books to choose from you will find what you are looking for.

Why Our Downloadable Audio Books?

If you are new to audio book downloads or just want to sample an audio book online we can help.  We offer comprehensive steps outlined below.  You can sample the audio book title you are considering from the audio book title page right online.

How to download audio books is as easy as 1,2,3:

Step 1 to Use Our Audio Book StoreBrowse through the audio titles by using either the categories list on the left or the search box at our downloadable audiobook store. You'll find everything from edge of your seat thrillers, comedy, business, language lessons and kids audio books.


 Step 2 Purchase Audio Books

Sign up for an account easily.  You can now even use your Amazon info.  Pay for your purchase using any major credit card. The fast and reliable payment system uses Amazon's well known and secure information you can pay with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Step 3 After You Buy the Audio Books

Decide whether you want to buy with or without a membership.  Once your payment has gone through you'll be taken to a page to download the easy to use software that you will use to manage your new audio content.

After you have downloaded the files to your computer you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want, load them to compatible portable media player, or burn them to CD to enjoy on a quality sound system or in-car audio system.  Our supplier offers Mobile Apps as well for the IPhone, Android and Blackberry to make your audio book listening even more convenient.

You will be able to buy and download audio books in minutes.