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We hope to provide you with title specific discounts soon but in the meantime please consider some of the deals offered by a variety of audio book stores.

What follows are some special offers from audio book retailers:

Audible offers membership club type models for downloadable books.

Audio Books at Audible.com


eMusic also offers subscription models for downloadable audio books with a big inventory of DRM-free MP3 audio books

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If you are looking for more of an audio book club offering Simply Audiobooks is the Netflix of audiobooks.  If you are a voracious listener (like someone who spends a lot of time commuting) then this may be  a more cost effective for you.

They also have a relatively newer "streaming type service" that may be worth looking into.  Keep in mind if you are streaming outside the range of your home wifi you may get bigger bills for your data downloads...

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Download AudioBooks for your IPod via ITunes

If you can't live without your IPod or IPhone this option makes it easier for you to listen to audio books.  This is probably the best option for IPod Audio Books.



BetterWorldBooks also offers discounted audio books primarily on the Children's Books with CD side...