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Part of the controversy that surrounds James Patterson and his books is whether he is writing his books anymore.  He does use coauthors on many of his books but the process of how the coauthors split the work with him continues to be debated.  What follows is a list of coauthors that James Patterson has worked with:

Peter de Jonge

De Jonge

Andrew Gross

Howard Roughan

Sail Roughan  Don't Blink Roughan

Maxine Paetro

  paetro 8th confession

Swimsuit Paetro  Private Paetro

Michael Ledwidge

Michael Bennett Michael Ledwidge   Michael Ledwidge Michael BennettDaniel X Michael Ledwidge

Ned Rust

Daniel X Ned Rust

Adam Sadler

Daniel X Adam Sadler

Gabrielle Charbonnet
Gabrielle Charbonnet

Liza Marklund
Liza Marklund

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