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All Hands Down: The True Story of the Soviet Attack on the USS Scorpion (Unabridged) Written By Kenneth Sewell, Jerome Preisler Download On Audio

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Forty years ago, in May 1968, the submarine USS Scorpion sank in mysterious circumstances with a loss of 99 lives….


Service Dress Blues: A Rep and Melissa Pennyworth Mystery (Unabridged) Written By Michael Bowen Download On Audio

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Rep Pennyworth, a trademark and copyright lawyer, has followed his significant other Melissa to Milwaukee in her quest for an assistant professorship…..


A Spark of Death: The First Professor Bradshaw Mystery (Unabridged) Written By Bernadette Pajer Download On Audio

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When University of Washington Professor Benjamin Bradshaw discovers the dead body of a despised colleague inside the Faraday cage of the electric machine, his carefully controlled world shatters….


AC/DC: The Savage Tale of the First Standards War (Unabridged) By Tom McNichol Download On Audio

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The savage showdown between AC and DC changed the lives of billions of people, shaped the modern technological age….


Harbor Hill: Portrait of a House (Unabridged) By Richard Guy Wilson Download in Audio Book Format

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Harbor Hill in Roslyn, Long Island, was designed to be a palace for a queen. Commissioned by the beautiful and imperious Katherine Duer Mackay, wife of one of the country’s wealthiest men….