Stop Smoking and Breathe.: Easy Breathing Techniques to Help You Quit Written By Yoga 2 Hear Download in Audio Book Format

Stop Smoking and Breathe.: Easy Breathing Techniques to Help You Quit

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Category: Health & Recreation
Publisher: Yoga 2 Hear
Author: Yoga 2 Hear
Narrator: Sue Fuller
Length: 55 min
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Stop Smoking and Breathe consists of four easy-to-follow instructional sessions to help you to quit smoking forever.

Each session guides you through simple and effective breathing techniques, which are recommended by doctors and stop-smoking services. The breathing techniques used in the sessions will provide emotional balance, determination, and the willpower needed to quit. They will also remove toxins from your body, increase lung capacity, and create a sense of health and vitality that will naturally let you feel how much better your body and mind function without nicotine and the 4000 toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Stop Smoking and Breathe is made up of one 15-minute seated session to be followed first thing in the morning, one 15-minute seated session to be followed at a convenient time during the day, one 20-minute session to be followed whilst laying down at the end of the day, and a five-minute session with a simple technique that once learnt can be used at any time to help resist your cravings and break the smoking habit.

The sessions are devised and narrated by Sue Fuller. Sue is widely recognised as a leading yoga teacher and writer: she is also the resident yoga expert at Natural Health magazine.

Each session gives you the freedom to enjoy expert guidance whenever and wherever it is convenient and allows you to close your eyes, relax and focus 100% on your breathing. This mindful approach maximises the benefits gained and makes quitting easier.

The clear instructions in each session are combined with subtle background music and a printable PDF guide book, which accompanies the sessions, provides lots of useful information, and gives many tips that will help you on your way to a healthier, cigarette-free future.

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