Jim Davidson’s Bulging Package (Unabridged) By Jim Davidson Download in Audio Book Format

Jim Davidson’s Bulging Package (Unabridged)

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Category: Humor & Comedy
Publisher: Universal Studios (UK) Ltd.
Author: Jim Davidson
Narrator: Jim Davidson
Length: 3 hour 59 min
Retail Price: $25.63
Download Price: $14.94
Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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Jim’s back! Recorded live on location at a Cypriot army base with the 1st Battallion of the Royal Welsh, Jim had the troops cracking up with laughter, so you’re sure to enjoy this! Sit back and enjoy Jim’s take on political correctness, the truth about Hell’s Kitchen, stories about Afghanistan and army life and many more side splitting jokes. Get ready to be rocked and shocked with Jim’s ferocious sense of humour…if you dare!

On September 15th 1996 Jim Davidson, 50 crew members, 4 articulated trucks, 1 ton of scaffolding, 200 Lights and 20.000 watt rock sound system arrived at Drawsko Pomorski, Poland where Jim put on the biggest and most outrageous outdoor comedy event ever staged for our boys in uniform.

Find out the truth about Jim Davidson – the bonking, the boozing and the break ups, as Britain’s best-loved comic reveals all in an x-rated performance that must rank as one of his best. Jim gives frank and incredibly funny answers to personal questions about his private life, asked by a celebrity audience. So if you want to know if Jim has ever had a gay experience, how many models he has slept with or how he coped in Saudi with no alcohol. Look no further, this download has all of Jim’s outrageous answers.

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