Finding Sanctuary (Unabridged) By Abbot Christopher Jamison Download in Audio Book Format

Finding Sanctuary (Unabridged)

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Category: Religion & Spiritual
Publisher: Orion Publishing Group Limited
Author: Abbot Christopher Jamison
Narrator: Abbot Christopher Jamison
Length: 4 hours and 59 min.
Retail Price: $34.38
Download Price: $20.02
Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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Have you ever wondered why everybody these days seems so busy? In Finding Sanctuary, Father Christopher Jamison, the Abbot from BBC TV’s The Monastery, offers practical wisdom from the monastic tradition on how to build sanctuary into your life.

In The Monastery, the Abbot guided five modern men (and three million viewers) to a new approach to life; this audiobook now offers the listener a similar opportunity. No matter how hard you work, being too busy is not inevitable. Silence and contemplation are not just for monks and nuns, they are natural parts of life. Yet to keep hold of this truth in the rush of modern living, you need the support of other people and sensible advice from wise guides. By learning to listen in new ways, people’s lives can change, and the Abbot offers some monastic steps that will help in this transition to a more spiritual life.

In the face of many easy assumptions about the irrelevance of religion today, Father Christopher makes religion accessible for those in search of life’s meaning and offers a vision of the world’s religions working together as a unique source of hope for the 21st century.

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