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Free Fall (Unabridged) Written By Robert Crais Download On Audio

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Elvis Cole is a detective who can’t say no, especially when it comes to a girl in a terrible fix….


The Silver Swan (Unabridged) By Benjamin Black Download in Audio Book Format

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It is the middle of the 1950s; a woman Quirke loved has died, a man he once admired is dying, while the daughter he for so long denied is still finding it hard to accept him as her father….


Blaze (Unabridged) By Stephen King Download in Audio Book Format

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Clay Blaisdell is one big mother, but his capers were just small-time until he met George Rackley. George introduced him to a hundred cons and one big idea: kidnapping the child of rich parents….


Little Scarlet (Unabridged) Written By Walter Mosley Download On Audio

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Just after devastating riots tear through Los Angeles in 1965, the police turn up at Easy Rawlins’ doorstep to ask for his help….


Watchman (Unabridged) By Ian Rankin Download in Audio Book Format

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IRA bombs are wreaking havoc on the British mainland, and Miles finds himself with all kinds of problems….