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The Coroners Lunch (Unabridged) By Colin Cotterill Download On Audio

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Laos, 1972. The Communist Pathet Lao has taken over. Most of the educated class has fled, but 72-year-old Dr Siri Paiboun, a Paris-trained doctor, remains and is appointed state coroner….


Hard Time (Unabridged) Written By Maureen Carter Download in Audio Book Format

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Struggling to cope after a vicious attack, desperate not to reveal what’s happening under the skin, Bev is fighting for survival. But when you barely trust yourself-who can you rely on?….


Drums of War (Unabridged) By Edward Marston Download in Audio Book Format

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Dashing career soldier and ladies’ man, Captain Daniel Rawson, happily accepts the Duke of Marlborough’s dangerous undercover mission to find a missing spy….


Savage Garden (Unabridged) By Denise Hamilton Download in Audio Book Format

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Reporter Eve Diamond has been looking forward to a romantic date with her new love, Silvio. But she learns that she and Silvio share a complicated past….


Who Guards a Prince (Unabridged) Written By Reginald Hill Download On Audio

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The questions are piling up, and Doug McHarg can’t stop asking them: especially when he’s warned off by his boss in the local police, and by Scotland Yard….