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Homage to Catalonia (Unabridged) Written By George Orwell Download in Audio Book Format

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Homage to Catalonia is George Orwell’s account of his experiences fighting in the Spanish Civil War….


Don’t Forget to Write: The True Story of an Evacuee and her Family (Unabridged) Written By Pam Hobbs Download On Audio

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In June 1940, 10-year-old Pam Hobbs and her sister Iris took the long journey from their council home in Leigh-on-Sea to faraway rural Derbyshire….


Let Me Go (Unabridged) By Helga Schneider Download in Audio Book Format

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In 1998, Helga Schneider, in her sixties, was summoned from Italy to the nursing home in Vienna in which her 90-year-old mother lived….


Stalin Ate My Homework (Unabridged) Written By Alexei Sayle Download in Audio Book Format

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Alexei knew he was doomed to be different the day he was taken to see Sergei Eisentein’s Alexander Nevsky instead of Walt Disney’s Bambi….


Foreigners: Three English Lives (Unabridged) Written By Caryl Phillips Download in Audio Book Format

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Each of these men’s stories is told in a different, perfectly realised voice….