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A Country Wife (Unabridged) By Lucy Pinney Download On Audio

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This funny, honest and affectionate member of a life spent learning to know and love the countryside, is a humorous, evocative and page-turning read….


I Was Vermeer (Unabridged) Written By Frank Wynne Download in Audio Book Format

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In 1945, a small-time Dutch art dealer was arrested for selling a forgery of a priceless national treasure – a painting by Vermeer – to Hitler’s right-hand man. The charge was treason….


Charlotte and Leopold: The True Story of the Original People’s Princess (Unabridged) By James Chambers Download in Audio Book Format

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From the day she was born, Charlotte won the hearts of her subjects and yet behind the scenes she was used, abused and victimized by rivalries-between her parents….


The Secrets of the Notebook (Unabridged) Written By Eve Haas Download On Audio

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Eve was just eight years old when, as a Jewish girl in a Berlin school, the rumblings of the Nazis’ rise to power began to threaten everything she knew…..


Death at the Priory: Love, Sex and Murder in Victorian England (Unabridged) By James Ruddick Download in Audio Book Format

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It took three days in 1876 for Charles Bravo to die from the poison that burned its way through his body. The investigation revealed many people with a grudge against the young barrister….