Cardio Yoga, Volume 2: A Vinyasa Yoga Class that Combines all the Benefits of Yoga with a Cardio Workout By Yoga 2 Hear Download On Audio

Cardio Yoga, Volume 2: A Vinyasa Yoga Class that Combines all the Benefits of Yoga with a Cardio Workout

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Category: Health & Recreation
Publisher: Yoga 2 Hear
Author: Yoga 2 Hear
Narrator: Sue Fuller
Length: 1 hour 12 min
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Cardio Yoga, Volume 2, uses flowing yoga techniques to raise your heart rate to an aerobic level. It allows you to enjoy the combined benefits of a top quality yoga practice and an aerobic training session in one easy-to-follow class. The class, which is suitable for those with previous yoga experience, is devised and instructed by Sue Fuller, a leading yoga teacher and the resident expert at Natural Health magazine.

Cardio Yoga, Volume 2, begins with a gently flowing warm-up vinyasa sequence; it then continues with three further vinyasas that build in pace and intensity. The vinyasas contain postures such as Plank with new variations, Triangle, Extended Triangle, Equestrian Pose, and Supported Pigeon. The class then features a selection of strong static postures and a a series of deep stretch postures before it concludes with a guided relaxation session. The clear instructions are combined with gentle background music that sets a mood perfect for yoga. A printable PDF guide book that highlights the instructions and provides photographs of each posture accompanies the class.

Cardio Yoga, Volume 2 offers an alternative to the Yoga 2 Hear Cardio Yoga, Volume 1, class. It follows the same format but contains variations of some postures featured in the Volume 1 class, as well as new postures. Ideally, both volumes should be used in rotation in order to provide exposure to a broader range of postures and techniques.

Yoga 2 Hear classes are practical and incredibly effective; they give you the freedom to enjoy yoga instruction of the highest quality again and again whenever and wherever you choose. Unlike a DVD, Yoga 2 Hear classes cause no visual distraction; they allow you to focus 100% on the clear expert tuition, your body, and your breathing. This more mindfull approach maximises the benefits you gain from each class.

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