Barbara Cartland’s Etiquette Handbook (Unabridged) By Barbara Cartland Download On Audio

Barbara Cartland’s Etiquette Handbook (Unabridged)

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Category: Self Improvement
Publisher: Random House AudioBooks
Author: Barbara Cartland
Narrator: Patricia Gallimore
Length: 6 hour 48 min
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Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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For the record, the word “”parlour”” is not used, nor is the relatively recent insidious “”lounge””, except about airports, hotels and liners.’ ‘Boys should be taught at a very early age – six or seven – to say “”Sir”” to an older man.’ ‘When there are servants, the plates for the first course are never put on the table until everyone is seated.” I cannot stress too often that on every formal occasion, whether it is Luncheon, a Bazaar or a Meeting, a hat should be worn.’

Written nearly 50 years ago, Barbara Cartland’s Etiquette Handbook conjures up a period when addressing work colleagues by their first names was frowned upon, wives could expect to receive a weekly allowance of five shillings from their husbands, and hats were ubiquitous.

Laced throughout with Barbara Cartland’s wit and wisdom, and Francis Marshall’s illustrations, this is a wonderfully evocative insight into the manners of an England that has largely disappeared.

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