Achieve Inner Calm: Learn to Relax and Let Go of Your Worries and Concerns Written By Anne Morrison Download On Audio

Achieve Inner Calm: Learn to Relax and Let Go of Your Worries and Concerns

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Category: Self Improvement
Publisher: Anne Morrison
Author: Anne Morrison
Narrator: Anne Morrison
Length: 1 hour and 17 min.
Retail Price: $22.87
Download Price: $13.34
Abridged – Unabridged: original_staging

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Do you wish you could just chill out and learn to relax more? Do you find yourself constantly replaying events in your mind? Do you want to learn how to let go of worries and concerns?

Listening to this audio will give you tools and techniques that you can learn to use to help you become calmer and more relaxed. It includes a self-hypnosis process – ‘A Special Place’ – which guides you to create a place where you can go, in your mind’s eye, to help you be more relaxed, happier and calmer. The other tracks all help you consider and think about your issues and problems in different ways, helping you to let go, weed out, and take stock of your inner resources and strengths.

The tracks contain background music, supplied by Royalty Free Tunes, Tranquil Moods, Vol. 1.

Customer Feedback: ‘I’ve listened to this again and again. It just helps me to chill out and let my thoughts go. I am calmer and take things in my stride more than I used to.’

Anne Morrison is a qualified and experienced clinical and cognitive behaviour hypnotherapist, life coach, and NLP master practitioner. She is a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a Practitioner Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, and an Associate Member of the Association of Coaching. Anne Morrison and Glen Harrold, another first class hypnotherapist, both trained with the prestigious London College of Clinical Hypnosis. Anne has their Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, their Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, and their Practitioner Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (CBH). CBH is a relatively new field that combines the best of CBT and hypnosis, helping people make changes consciously and unconsciously. Many of Anne Morrison’s audio products use this combination to help listeners make the changes they want to make to how they think, behave, and feel.

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