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Audio Books CD Marketplace : Quickly Becoming Obsolete

The audio books CD marketplace is experiencing a similar trend as that in the music industry. There was the vinyl, the 8 track, the cassette, the CD and then the immensely popular digital downloadable format. The audio book industry has fallen into the same pattern but it skipped the first 2 formats.

The CD format gave recorded book lovers a better quality option over the cassette. A CD audio book also takes up less space than an audio book on cassette. Due to the internet, the CD audio book industry is quickly losing ground to the popularity of downloadable versions of books. To find the best format to fit your needs you need to assess your lifestyle and what is important to you. Investing in and audio book library is worth it but it takes some forethought.

Other than MP3 downloads of your favorite audio books, CD format is the next best thing. You can burn your MP3 audio book downloads to a disk. This allows you to take an entire audio book on CD with you while you travel. You can even lend it to a friend or family member. Not all sites provide instruction on how to burn your purchased audio book on CD. Of course, at CreateTimeAudio we do. Please refer to our video tutorials.

One benefit of audio books on CD is that some cars may not have MP3 capabilities yet so it is important to understand what devices you will want to listen to your books on. Audio books are super for those long morning commutes. If you have an MP3 player but your car does not there are adapters that are sold so that you can listen from your MP3 player.

One of the best things about audio books CD files is that you have an actual hard copy of your audio book to build your library. They provide a good back up option since sometimes MP3 players get lost or digital files get wiped out due to viruses or other computer problems. Having your favorite audio books backed up on CD will prevent you from losing your entire collection. If you think this might take up too much space you can always buy a back up hard drive that can protect the investment you have made in your audio books CD library.

If you are not ready to give up audio books on CD and the become harder to find you may have to consider buying them at auction sites like Ebay. You might be able to get some good deals since many audio book aficionados are selling them in order to buy more digital downloads of their favorites

So the final question about whether it's time for you to give up your audio book CDs is up to you. If you're ready to remove the clutter from your life the downloadable format is the way to go. At CreateTimeAudio we look for ways of making life more productive and organized. The audio books CD industry may not be dead but it is definitely on the way out. The current generation isn't even going to think about choosing CDs. They will happily download their music and audio books to their computers and other digital players and just keep on walking. Even baby boomers like myself are choosing convenience over bulk.