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Your Audio Book "University On Wheels" Awaits

Can an audio book really get you closer to a university degree? Many time we find ourselves complaining about not having the time to learn something new. If you are in a work setting taking the time for training may seem like such a sacrifice since you end up having to work more hours to make up the time. There is a solution to this dilemma that you may not have thought of. Have you thought of signing up for the "University on Wheels"?

You may or may not have heard this phrase used. I first heard the phrase "university on wheels" from one of America's top business speakers - Brian Tracy. It sounded like another publicity phrase until I thought more about it. He was referring to the powerful value we can get from listening to a professional audio book while driving to and from work each day. You see, most people "waste" as many as 2 or more hours every single day commuting to work. During this time most people don't do anything except maybe listen to the radio.

Here is something to consider and may even be scary. Do you know that just listening to the right professional audio books each and every day as you commute to and from work will be equivalent to a full university education within a few short years. What do I mean?
For many university degree programs, students spend no more than 10 hours a week attending lectures. And after a few short years they are given their degrees. What are they doing during this lecture time? They are listening to their lecturers.

You can get the exact same value from just listening to the right audio books in the area of expertise you want to learn about.
I know that no university will give you a degree certificate after you have completed your chosen audio books, but you would have enriched yourself with this new knowledge. You will have learned things that you can apply in either your work or home life that will help you.

Though there currently are not many there are certain professional audio book programs that will give you examinations after completing their training programs... and will give you a certificate for passing their course. Many such certificates can be used in certain places to give evidence of your expertise in that area.

If this is the case, why would you continue to "waste" valuable time on your daily commute to work when you can "kill 2 birds with one stone" by using the same hours to learn a new skill, a new business idea, a new profession, indulge in developing a new passion?

To get started, ask yourself what new skill or expertise you would love to learn. When you are certain of your answer, hop online and search for any audio book series in that area. You are sure to find valuable information on the Internet related to this to get you started on your "University on Wheels" program.

The fact that audio books come in both CD, cassette and downloadable formats give you options to choose from. If you have a CD player in your car or cassette player, you can choose any. The trend is definitely toward downloadable format like MP3. Even if you don't drive to work but take the bus to work, you can easily get a portable CD, cassette or Mp3 player and still benefit from your "University on Wheels" program.

Who knows... if you decide to follow through you may become an expert in a new field or even learn a new language just by picking the right audio book.