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How to "Read" Your Favorite Novel in 3 Hours Instead of Months

The audio book format can be the savior of many book lovers today. I love to read but as the years have passed I have found it harder and harder to find the time to read that latest novel by Dean Koontz or Barbara Taylor Bradford just to name couple of my favorites. When I was a child I was fortunate enough to be inspired by my mother to read books. We didn't have much money to buy books but she always made it a point to visit the library weekly. As a child and a teenager it was easy to find the time escape in the world of books but as I entered college and eventually got married it just seemed impossible to find the time. Add a couple of children and their went any semblance of "free time".

At work I was also challenge but through work I was exposed to the wonderful world of audio books and the audio book format.. The first audio book I listened to was something to do with time management by Franklin Covey. They bought us the material at work as a means of improving our organizational and time management skills.

As I continued to try to squeeze in a chapter here and a chapter there of the latest novel I bought or the latest business book that was recommended to me I started thinking that there had to be a better way. I was building a great library but I was lucky if I could finish a book in 3 months. It then dawned on me that maybe other books besides those training ones provided at work could be in audio book format.

I was right their were all sorts of audio books available for purchase. Many of my favorite authors were available on audio it was great. Now I simply buy the novel I want to buy, not in hardcover or paperback, but in audio book format - containing the exact same content of the novel in spoken-word! Now I don't have the limitations I used to have with "reading" my favorite novels.

In the morning while going through my normal routine of exercising, making breakfast, dressing up for work, etc, I listen to my novel in audio book format. While commuting to work, I continue from where I stopped. During break at work like lunch, I may also listen. And finally as I drive back home from work, I complete the remaining part of the novel. Total time spent - about 4 hours for each novel.  Audio books saved me. They save me so much time, yet I'm still getting the same value!

If you haven't experienced the wonderful advantages of audio books yet, don't hesitate. Apart from novels you can get almost any kind of book in audio book format. From business books, professional books, motivational books, etc, all can now be found in audio book format.  Go online to find that book you have always wanted to "read" but have never had the time to. Now you can - with audio books!