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Current Audies® Award Winners

You can find the 2012 Audies Award Winners on the blog.  Award winners continue to be a great way to find good listens...

Prior Year Audies Content:

Our catalog includes 2011 Audie Award Winners.  Including the 2011 AudioBook of the year Keith Richard's autobiography Life.

2010 Article on the Audies:

Audies® nominations were announced recently and we are happy to say that we have a good selection of these nominated titles in our catalog.  Some interesting things to note were that LA Meyer continues to contribute with 2 audio books added to the competition this year.  Mississippi Jack and In the Belly of the Bloodhound have been nominated in the Solo Narration and Teens Categories.  The Maltese Falcon has been nominated in 2 categories as well, AudioBook Adaptation and Audio Drama.

The nominations for Distinguished Achievement in Production and AudioBook of the Year do not come out until the Spring so these titles may also be nominated for these most prestigious awards.

Update 1:  Distinguished Achievement in Production and AudioBook of the Year were announced.  In our catalog The Maltese Falcon was nominated for Distinguished Achievement in Production so they have been nominated in 3 categories.  For AudioBook of the Year Patrick Swayze's The Time of My Life has been nominated.

Update 2:  The Audies® for 2010 Winners were given out and we have are happy to say we have 5 Winning Titles in our collection.  We have also added to the the audiobooks that were nominated this year.  We have added a bunch of audiobooks that were nominated from Brilliance Audio.

Here are the Audies® Award Winners in our catalog for 2010(please note links have been updated for our new supplier 9/2011 which include many more titles in their catalog):

Maltese Falcon on Audio     Download Bellwether on Audio 

Peace, Locomotion on Audio     Tell Me a Story on Audio

Rain on Audiobook    

Here are the other audio book titles that were nominated which span across a good range of categories.

Swayze on Audio    Rogue of My Own on Audio