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Alcoholism Help with Audio Books

Alcohol awareness is important to many people nowadays.  The stresses of everyday life can make many of us more susceptible to the risk of alcohol addiction.  Half the battle is to know whether you truly suffer from alcoholism or not.  April is Alcohol Awareness Month and we have put together a collection of our audio books that deal with strategies on how to quit drinking and how to increase your awareness of this "disease".  Many factors can contribute to alcoholism and the effects on the person's health and their family can be devastating.

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Control Alcohol (...

Darren Marks
Use Hypnosis to Help you Take Control of Your Drinking Habit Now (self hypnosis audio)
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E Motion Download...
London Human Givens Centre
Your binge drinking will weaken when you find better ways to get your essential emotional needs met and understand exactly how the brain manufactures and maintains this particular dependency.

Drugs and Alcohol

Dr. Rod L. Evans
"Drugs," a broad and vague term, usually refers to mind-altering chemicals that people ingest. But this covers a wide range, including medical prescriptions, legal stimulants (e.g. caffeine and tob...

Healing Addiction...

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Reducing Alcohol Intake Utilizing Interactive Self-Hypnosis

Healing Addiction...

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Achieving Alcohol Cessation with Original Interactive Self-Hypnosis

Time is All We Ha...

Barnaby Conrad
“A glimpse into what life is really like in…the most successful alcohol treatment center in the world.”—Library Journal

All of these People

Fergal Keane
At the heart of Fergal Keane's story is a descent into and recovery from alcoholism, a different kind of war, but as much part of the journey of the last 25 years as the bullets and bombs...